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BO-112: a Potent Immunotherapy

BO-112, Bioncotech’s lead product, is a synthetic dsRNA complex targeting cytosolic helicases MDA5 and RIG-I as well as toll-like receptor TLR3.

BO-112 bioncotech immunotherapy

BO-112 has demonstrated safety and intended biological effect in clinical trials as a monotherapy, and is currently being investigated in combination with checkpoint inhibitors. Initial clinical results have been presented by Dr. Marquéz-Rodas at the 2018 Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology [LINK].

We are working to understand the key aspects of the mechanism of action of BO-112, particularly in settings where immune checkpoint inhibitors are not effective. Results showing that BO-112 restores sensitivity of JAK1-deficient tumors to adoptive cell transfer have been presented by the group of Dr. Toni Ribas at the 2018 Congress of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer [LINK].