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Bioncotech is a VC-funded, clinical-stage, immune-oncology company with offices in Madrid and Valencia in Spain. We develop cutting-edge RNA-based therapies against validated and novel targets in cancer and immune cells. Our team of seasoned drug developers, supported by world-renowned scientific and clinical advisors, is dedicated to bring our therapies to patients in need.

Bioncotech’s lead drug, BO-112, induces immunogenic cell death in solid tumors and simultaneously activates the innate immune system to ensure optimal antigen processing and presentation to the adaptive immune system. BO-112 initiates a powerful immune reaction (turning ‘cold’ tumors ‘hot’), that is highly synergistic with checkpoint inhibitors to achieve deep and sustained anti-tumor responses. BO-112 is currently being investigated in clinical trials as a monotherapy and in combination with checkpoint inhibitors.


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